Update to v.14 slows down Xiaomi MiMix2 extremly and hangs up System

Installed Update to v14 ends up in unusuable Phone. The first frustration was the update to v12 & v.13. Since i updatet this versions my phone slows down very much. With integration from corona tracking stuff my phone is not the same as before.

So i was hopefull after a month, the next update will fix it. Time goes by but the monthly update didn’t come. That’s the next frustration, also because i saw that my vendor secutity update is realy old and the security update i was missing also.
Ok, nothing possible to do as waiting. So last week v.14 reaches the update chanel and i updatet my Xiaomi MiMix2.
The first i saw was the updater told me he will update to v.13 and i thaught it’s a false text only. After updating the boot process needs very long time. I am running Logcat all time because i want to log and see the fals processes while booting. So i saw a big number of errors whilst booting. After the phone comes up it needes 10 minutes to be usable. This doesn’t change and is repeated with every reboot!
If i start a app it needs up to 5 more seconds to function. Normal it needs nearly no time. To open the keyboard it needs time now and if i start some apps directly after each other the system hangs and doesn’t accept any input. The only way is power down the phone. Every input needs time to respond now. So this is the second update that makes my phone more and more corrupt and slows down until it is unusable.
The nex frustration is, the vendor update is older than six month. Ok, the missing security update in v13 is present now, but i am extremly concerned that /e/ is the right solution for me anymore.

The only possibility i see at present is going back to early v12 again to get back a fast system. But i am not shure how to and i dont have it any more. Yust the last v.12. ???

That’s noting i can accept because i have no more security and no vendor security update.
With v12 i had had the idea to change to CalyxOS first and truly i have it again now. So please tell me what’s going on with /e/? Am i right here? Or does /e/ goes down?
How i can get back a fast working system? Is it the version from oktober 2020? Please tell me. I have to decide what’s to do, because using the phone is horrible. Please help.

Last but not least most of the time i try to reach this comunity forum i got the error message that’s impossible to visit with tor network. I tryed to change the tor exit so often but it doesnt work. In fact that has no more to do with privacy.

Is there a way back to satisfaction with /e/???

Hopeful, Camembert

Hi hopeful Camembert, I just upgraded my Mix 2 (Chiron) also to v14. See picture below for the details. It is very snappy. No lag at all. I did a clean flash.

I have Build 0.14-p-2021012798470
Kernel 4.4.189-perf+
#1 Wed Jan 27 09:50:34 UTC 2021
Vendor security patch level 1 June 2019
Baseband version AT20-0307_2209_3754711,AT20-0307_2209_3754711

How it works?

I see you are still running on Android P (Android 9), where I have just upgraded from Android P to Android Q. Android P was already running very smooth for me, and so does Android Q.

I do not believe your problems are related to the versions you installed, although you could try to flash the original firmware to the latest version and do a clean flash of the latest Q-ROM. (format data, wipe cache and system and flash the ROM).

Anyhow, the ROM is running smooth and you just might want to try do do a clean flash from scratch.

Good luck.

I upgraded my chiron last week from 0.13 Pie to 0.14 Pie (OTA), everything’s running fine.

However, I have baseband AT20-1022-something, so I think your device is not at latest firmware level.
Please follow instructions in the install guide about installing stock ROM. You will probably lose everything, and your device will get locked again.
This should have been done during the first installation of /e/ …

I strongly advice not to install any Q ROM with such a low baseband level.

In fact the device was installed in mai 20 with the actual firmware. It’s impossible to reinstall the whole system every 9 month. In this case it is not usuable for normal daily users. On the other hand, if it’s a update, shown as a normal system update and the dev gives it to install for everybody and such things happens, how reputable is it? For me it’s unbelievable that they let you run in a open knive. I have to mistrust everything what’s coming from /e/ from this monent on. And for shure i am searching another system for future now. My new experience now is "dont trust /e/, they fool you.