Update to version 0.6

Many thanks for the latest update to version 0.6. The app store is fantastic, this gap is now closed. Good job!

One more improvement: When an OTA update rolls in, the updater now recognizes that there is a Magisk and reinstalls it at the same time. Nore more hassle with this! GREAT! I love ya!


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hello @all
I also updated to version 0.6 but I am very disappointed with the app store.
the first applications I wanted to try, had no license (unknown) and contained spyware. I didn’t think the goal of /e/ was to remake play store.
That’s exactly what I don’t want on my phone: access to all the spying that exists on the Internet
Didn’t /e/ get the targets wrong by adding so much “shit” to this store?
it is not possible to remove the software or disable it! /e/ plan to improve it? in particular filter by settings only apps that have a minimum privacy rating or that are free software ?
this application and its server part are they free software? Where do they come from and can we read the code?
It is difficult for me to make these remarks because I know that you surely work very hard to build a good product

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Exactly my criticism on the application store, it is full of apps with trackers from Google. I like F-Droid much better.

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The Apps app has been built from scratch, so the dev team will definitely work on all recommendations users will make. It’s just the first version of the store so in one year (or less ?) it will probably be something almost perfect.

Thank you for sharing your thought :slight_smile:

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For the first time, I think /e/ deserves praise rather than criticism. However criticism is very necessary so /e/ knows what to improve. Thank you and great work /e/ team!!

Many of us would rather pay a little than sell our data and only want to use free software! This is the meaning of our crowdfunding support!
Why not use rebranding of f-droid that is free software ?
Please add filtered apps in settings to free us of the evil ;o)

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Sorry, I don’t know where to write this so I’ll write my message here. I was using my Xiaomi Redmi 3 2,5 years (until the end of last year) and then it broke. I fixed it and it was laying on shelf waiting for it’s hour. A few days ago I found that /e/ version 0.6 was released for it and I flashed it and gave this phone to my dad to replace his phone with buttons. This phone never had so beatuful and at the same time good working firmware. I tried 0.1 before but wasn’t satisfied with it. Thanks to all the /e/ team for creating this project and making it better with every new release. Good luck!