Updates for a novice easy or not?

I wonder how easy it will be for a novice to update the phone once I installed e/OS? Any help on that is very welcome. I also read a lot about updates that crashes. Thank you once more.

Do you have problems, or did you had problems, or do you just think you could have problems, potentially?
Just do it! Otherwisse you will never find out how easy it will be. Or not.

Ask 3 people and you will get 4 answers if you remain in theory
Even the longest trail begins with the first step. do it and don’t talk

Ha ha good questions Kisman thank you. Yes I like to migrate to e/OS but don’t have the time nor energy to try getting my phone to work in case it turns out keeping it running is to complex or the system crashes all the time. 25 years ago I would have loved the challenge spending hours making things work. Nowadays I just want stuff to function ;-).
So yes I try to find out what problems might present themselves after migrating to e/OS.

if you do not have the time nor the energy then i suggest to leave it as it is.
you can always run in trouble.
and no one who says “it will work out” wants to be responsible in the end.

either you put the energy in with all the consequences or you just don’t do it.

Wash my fur but don’t get me wet does not exist. there is no free lunch.

Anything may happen… :wink:

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Most difficult for a novice is to have TWRP (or another custom recovery) installed.
After that, one can easily install /e/ (or another custom OS).

If you use Official software from e.foundation, the updates are automatically proposed and you confirm by a klick to run the automatic process.
If you use software from the community (unofficial) you have to search for an update, and install the new version (dirty flash without wiping).

Upgrade is more complicated as you often have (for now) to backup your data, and format /data partition. Then install the upgraded version and reinstall apps, apps settings and your data.


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Thank you very much. I’ve found an IT pro who can install e/OS for me. If the updates after the initial install are automatically that sounds easy :-). Once the phone works and there is no need for upgrades I am happy to leave them alone.

Usually an upgrade will become necessary when security updates for the older version are stopped in favour of the new version. In this regard it doesn’t matter whether you run the stock OS or a custom ROM like /e/OS.


Based on the past, do have any idea how often upgrades take place?

At latest when the installed Apps require a newer android version.
between a few weeks and years…

There’s a new major Android version roughly every year … just to give an idea about the cycle length.

Of course a new Android version will not be adopted by every smartphone vendor or custom ROM vendor immediately, and several older Android versions could still get update support at least as long as Google does security updates for them. Since the launch of Android 12 this November, apparently Google is no longer doing security updates for Android 8.1, so smartphone vendors and customROM vendors could still give reasonable update support for Android 9 Pie for a while, if they were able and willing to do so.

So it’s basically up to the OS vendors how and when they want to follow the upgrade cycle.


Look at Fairphone 2. A 6 year (released in 2015) old smartphone is getting Android 10 now.
Not the newest android version, but still in progress… :wink:

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