Updates for F-Droid and Aurora apps, unknown sources?

To install apps from other sources than “Apps” I need to allow “unknown sources” in the security settings. Does this need to stay allowed for automatic updates or can I turn it off after installing an app?

You will need it for updates. I think, as fas as you don’t install apps from outside f-droid or aurora (or eApps) the enabled option is no problem

Ok thanks. I do like the extra barrier to unintentionally installing apps (apk) though.

Wouldn’t it be better to just allow F-Droid and Aurora permanently, but not any apk?

If you want 100% safe, than yes.

Is it possible to set it that way??

It depends on your Android version. This is like Android 11 is working

Starting from Oreo you can give this permission to individual apps. If you are on Nougat, you have to allow unknown sources for all apps or for none.

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