Updates to the Dev and Stable branches

Hi All,

A major OTA update has been pushed for the stable branch of /e/OS which. The stable branch is available on the official /e/OS refurbished smartphones (S7,S7Edge,S9,S9+) :iphone:

In addition to latest security patches, this update includes two development sprints “Beijing” and “Cordoba”, which are bringing the following changes:


  • Update Tasks application
  • Update OpenKeychain
  • Update MagicEarth
  • Remove Google references from factory reset screen
  • Mail: upgrade to latest stable


  • Message: update to latest stable + improve search with accents
  • microg: update to latest stable + mapbox set by default + various fixes/improvements
  • Launcher:
    • replace dark surfaces by blur effect for icon groups
    • fix crashes
    • navigation buttons are transparent now on transparent background
  • S7: fix internal memory showing negative value

The next update will include improvements of latest “Delhi” and “Edinburgh” sprints which are under testing.

The next dev OTA update, which will be available before the end of the week, will include all improvements up to the Delhi sprint.

Update now from Settings->System->About Phone->System updates, and please report possible issues! :hammer_and_wrench:


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