Updating a FP3 (need OTA files)

Hey everyone,
this is my first post in here so please be patient with me
I set up an FP3 with /e/ os for somebody else a while ago.
It has been working nicely so far. However it still runs on android 10 and i want to update it to a more recent /e/ build.
However I have some problems following the upgrade Guide under https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP3/upgrade
The guide gives instructions on updating via a sideloaded OTA zip. However the linked downloads folder only contains zips for installing with fastboot, not for sideloading (they don’t contain a META-INF etc)
I even researched the existence of https://ota.ecloud.global/builds/ however even that server with OTA in it’s name does not seem to give me real ota files i can sideload.
I also can’t flash it via fastboot as suggested somewhere else in this forum because the phone has a relocked bootloader for security reasons.
As it’s not my phone I’m very reluctant to unlock the bootloader and have the entire phone wiped and reinstalled
Does anyone have a suggestion on how to deal with that?
Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the community :wave:

I think these files should work via sideload (/e/ recovery):

https://images.ecloud.global/stable/FP3/ or https://images.ecloud.global/dev/FP3/

Hey, thanks for your help already.
Unfortunately the files on this server are not sideloadeable and don’t contain the META-INF but rather partition image files and a script to flash the phone with fastboot (and the default option to scrub the data hardcoded inside the script)

When sideloading the OTA with the command

See next post for this image. Limitations for new users…

it first complains about the signature being wrong:

See next post for this image. Limitations for new users…

and if i tell it to continue anyway it fails because of the missing update binary in META-INF

See next post for this image. Limitations for new users…

All of this brings me to the conclusion those files are not actually OTA files but rather image files for use with fastboot

Image 2/4

Image 3/4

Image 4/4

Sorry for the spam, i’m only allowed to post one image per post so i had to write four posts to give you all the context i could

https://ota.ecloud.global/api/v1/FP3/dev or https://ota.ecloud.global/api/v1/FP3/stable will give you links to the OTA files (see the “url:” lines).

The latest version on stable is 1.12.3.
The latest version on dev is 1.13, perhaps you have to refresh the page a few times for it to include 1.13 (it looks like some kind of randomisation contributing to a staged release).

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Thank you, that worked. It still complained about the signature for some reason but after accepting that it updated just fine and i could give the phone back with a shiny new Android 12 on it

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