Upgrade FP3 from /e/os version android 9 and twrp to stable

I bought my Fairphone FP 3 before /e/os was an option, and installed /e/os when it was first possible, using TWRP recovery. Some time ago updates stopped, and I would like to upgrade to a stable, preferably OEM locked version.

Judging from the FP 3 install notes, I should install stock android of the version of /e/os to install, and even then it looks like It may not work?

Is there a way to upgrade my current installation, I don’t mind backing up my data and install apps etc. But can I install e recovery and sideload a current OS?


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After you made a backup of all your stuff, you can either use the Easy Installer to install /e/OS stable, or you can do it with the command line … Info about Fairphone FP3/3+ - FP3.

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Yes, this worked fine - thanks a lot. Maybe the scary notice in the install notes are too much. :slight_smile:

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