Upgrade from Q to R (without reverting to factory FW)?

Are there any plans or is it even distantly possible, to upgrade straight form /e/OS 1.3Q to R?

Has some one been able to compare Q / R and are there some obvious benefits for the upgrade?

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This judgement would depend on device. You mentioned Install /e/ on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 / 8T - “ginkgo” in another thread. For this device the warning is given

Caution: Do not install /e/OS on top of a higher version of stock OS. Before installing /e/OS ensure your device has the latest stock OS of the same version as /e/OS. If only lower versions of the stock are available then install the last available lower version before installing /e/OS.

As a general answer you need up to date firmware which as far as possible will be upgraded with manufacturer updates, so you really want the correct foundation imho.

Ok, now reading that again, it should be possible to upgrade from /e/OS 1.3 Q to 1.3 R without reverting to stock version?

As you are asking me the question … the answer is found after you know “your device has the latest stock OS”.

Maybe this applies to you: /e/ OS Version Upgrade

Caution: Before following these instructions please ensure that the device is on the latest Android firmware available for your device. For example if available, before flashing /e/R install Stock Android 11, before /e/Q it should be Stock Android 10 or before /e/ Pie it should be Stock Android 9.

So I think the question that remains is … did your manufacturer offer an Android R firmware update?

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