Upgrade Galaxy Tab 5e from "r" to "s"

Hi, I have an Galaxy Tab 5e (gts4lvwifi). that is on murena 1.8 (r). I want update it to 1.9 (s).

This is the documentation:


Run adb sideload /path/to/zip (inserting the path to your downloaded /e/OS ROM file)

So I dont need to upgrade the recovery first? Just install the new rom?

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firmware upgrade is not possible as there is no existing Android 12 based firmware from Samsung.

If you want to update your actual firmware, you can take latest because even their March build are referering to 2022.11.05 android security bulletin (according Sammobile.com)

Upgrade works, just go into sideload mode and install the latest murena :tropical_fish: rom with adb.

Good to hear ! :smile:

Just a thought … and something of a [Community self help proposal]

@piero is an expert at predicting for this 2019 device

… but users who have been though a “trouble free” upgrade process might share the Vendor security patch level as revealed in

About phone > Android version

This would allow a cheerful wiki editor to start to compile a “List of final firmware release dates”.

Why ?

  • Individual users spend a lot of time finding this information with certainty for their own device.
  • It is more easy with devices of a certain age, eg my Samsung A3 (2016).
  • Devices with a vintage of say 2019 - 2021 (around 2 - 4 years old) are much more difficult to be certain, and one rarely finds (in an online search) the good information as provided here by @piero.

Example entries for the proposed list

/e/OS build / ROM Vendor Security Patch level
1.13-q-202307283148839-dev-a3xelte 1 August 2019
1.13-r-20230725-Unofficial-a3xelte 1 August 2019
1.13-r-20230725-CUSTOM_SLIM-bacon 1 September 2016
1.10-r-20230412278811-stable-dreamlte 1 April 2020
e-1.11-s-20230512288805-dev-miatoll 5 June 2022
a copy the format for an entry
| full name of successful build  | date |

Position of the pipe | character is not critical !

Édit :

HERE for sm-t725 Galaxy s5e LTE
( according to https://www.sammobile.com/samsung/galaxy-tab-s5e/firmware/SM-T725/COO/download/T725XXU3DWE1/1755664/ )

Often, /e/ builds are released with security bulletins dating from one or two months prior to publication (this is probably due to testing delays), whereas manufacturers use security bulletins dating from the current or previous month.
This can be a problem with recent devices (still maintained) if you follow the installation instructions to the letter, which recommend installing the latest version of the manufacturer’s firmware beforehand…

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