Upgrade Nougat to Oreo in Samsung Galaxy S7

I have one Samsung Galaxy S7 edge I bought to e foundation.
It has Nougat, but I would like that at some moment it will be upgrade to Oreo (even Pie if possible). If there are more people interested in it I encourage you to add your comments to this topic.


Hi @Pablo Please can you check what is the build name you see in system version (under settings), is it “stable” or “dev”. Stable builds are well tested and will not be frequently released OTA.
Dev build will be following the standard frequency of release.

I think is Dev, but I don’t see that word.
I attach an screenshot

You can see dev in the build name, at the bottom of your screenshot.

Ok. I wasn’t sure that was what your ask for.

Is it the kind of system type I was supposed to have?

Updates on this? It looks like we’re still stuck two versions behind from some very popular bug-free ROMs running Pie like BlackDiamond.

I will be interested by an upgrade to OREO too :wink:

I don’t think there will be an official OREO, because it should be easier for the developers to code on 9-Pie.

A stable /e/ nougat in combination with useful apps is also not to be despised.

I think all maintainers already have /e/ 10 (Q) in their sights.

I wish we could have a rom based on Android 10 soon. :smiley: