Upgrade plan pay with paypal

Hi everyone,

why i can not pay with paypal when i want to upgrade my /e/ cloud space? I am not a owner of a credit card…



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EDIT: Is there any way to way WITHOUT creditcard?


I contacted the staff and I made a donation through my bank account. Directly.

Donation or Cloud Services?

The donation page states you can pay via bank transit, but the /e/ Solutions Shop (where you buy the cloud service tiers) doesn’t.

@Manoj can you give an official answer? I’m interested as well.

Donation. I was offered also the cloud services, but at the time I already had them on Koofr

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The donation page or the eShop site offers all the currently available payment options. Will check if we can add bank transit method to the eShop.
We are working on adding more payment modes on our sites.


Nice to hear @Manoj … I want the 20GB Plan, thats enough for me…

greetings an thx for your work!


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