Upgrade problem with Revolut app


I’ m using Samsung Galaxy S9 phone with latest version of /e/ os.
Revolut upgrade using App Lounge has been failing since version 8.54.
New versions do download, but won’ t get installed thereafter.
Only recently a error message appears, blaming signature incompatibilities between installed and latest version.
A solution is also mentioned: uninstall old + reinstall latest version from App Lounge.

Does this really work and in doing so, is there no risk with losing personal banking data/ records and even need to register and verify as customer again?

Your input is highly appreciated!!!


With my FP4 running 1.15-s stable, I have been able to update Revolut until version 10.1 which seems the latest.

Uninstalling and reinstalling it would mean you would need to register again for sure.


the apk is issued with 2 signatures, it’s possible applounge can’t handle key rotation yet (didn’t read the code yet) - so its uninstall+install.

The security model of apks is based on appids not changing the signing key during the appids lifetime.

APK Signature Scheme v3” changed that and this is what’s tripping up AppLounge possibly.

Thank you.

I understand, solution is possible, but inconvenient.

Is this a one- time measure or do I need to repeat uninstall+ install procedure whenever a new Revolut version is released?

I’d guess it’s either a one time measure or AppLounge refuses to install apks with sig.scheme v3 completely, what I think is unlikely (very lazy today but can’t see any mentioning of ssv3 in the code).

Reinstall + login accomplished, no issues.

Thank you so much for everything!!!

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