Upgrade storage plan worked, but payment didn't work


It seems I owe you some money…
A week ago, I bought a yearly subscription plan for 64Go, in order to increase storage on my /e/ Cloud.
Then, I downloaded all my photos (about 20000…) from Google Photos, and began syncing the folder with Nextcloud client. At a point, it stopped, and sent back 502 Bad Gateway errors.
I went to ecloud.global to try to find out what was the issue, and saw that I was at 100% of my storage capacity. Well, I had more than 60Go of photos, it seems…
So I clicked on “increase storage capacity”, selected the monthly subscription plan for 128Go of storage, and went through the process.
At the end, it told me that I had 0€ to pay (yay, go France!), and that my next payment would be due in december.
What a bummer… I thought I had to wait until december to continue my data upload… But actually no! The storage increased in my /e/ Cloud account!
So, long story short: it seems I owe you some money (about 20€ at least, until december, then about 8€ every month, if my calculus are good). What can we do about it?


Hi @Fluf thanks for reporting this.
@alexis @arnauvp please can you have a look at the post above. Seems to be a bug in the Storage upgrade flow.

Hello @Fluf,

thanks for your email and for your transparency!

Could you share your order number for your 64 Gb subscription or the email address you used to subscribe?
Best regards.


Hello @alexis!

Email address : thomas.raffray@e.email
64Gb sub order : #37018
128Gb sub order : #37876
Sub ID is #37019 for both orders


Thanks for this info.
It is weird indeed. I have transferred those details to my colleagues in charge of the susbcriptions and we will come back to you shorlty.
Best regards.


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Just to clarify: the 64Gb sub I bought was a yearly sub plan. The 128Gb sub is a monthly sub plan.