Upgrading Fairphone 4 to 1.17-t

Hi everyone,

Sorry if the question is dumb or already asked, but I couldn’t find a proper answer to it in the doc… I am still learning how to search and the right terms to use.

I have a fairphone 4 that just updated to e/os 1.17-s (Android 12 if I am not mistaken). I would like to upgrade to e/os based on Android 13, which should be e/os 1.17-t, right?

From what I gathered, this has to be done manually for now, but I can’t find a specific guide for my phone. I found guides with codenames (like this one: https://doc.e.foundation/devices/kebab/upgrade) but I don’t know what type of phone this is.

Is there a guide for FP4 already somewhere?

And additional question: can I perform the upgrade while conserving data or will it be a fresh new install? (I back up the data anyway of course if case anything goes wrong, but if I could avoid the reinstallation of everything, that would be nice).

Thanks for the help!

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You find the instructions here:

However, I would wait with upgrade for Fairphone 4 from S to T until its official. The upgrade should keep all the data and settings when all goes fine.
Some time ago I did try to manually update my Fairphone 4 via adb sideload to T, but after successful upgrade I was stuck in fastboot mode. Luckily I could downgrade to S again…
So I really would suggest everyone to wait until upgrade is final and available over OTA

Thanks a lot!

I didn’t realize that the official build wasn’t up yet. I saw the release notes for 1.17-T and thought that was it. Then yes, I will wait for sure. When it’s released, I would use the same guide, right?

I am a bit worried about the warning at the beginning of this page, though, about “downgrading smartphones on S”… Is it a general warning on all pages? S to T should not be considered a downgrade.

sorry I was not clear enough. I did first an upgrade form S to T which seems to be successful via adb sideload. However after reboot I was stuck in fastboot mode. Then I downgraded via adb sideload from T to S again which I got some warning but after reboot I was on S again and all was working well again

Correct, except if you are running STABLE builds, then you can wait for an OTA upgrade.

Indeed, an OTA upgrade requires all components to be migrated to the new Android version. This requires significant development, including specific instruction sets to preserve user data and applications.

Next, a large number of test sequences need to be carried out.
Each new version of Android involves numerous changes, and not just on the surface, such as new firmware, new features, etc.

A dirty flash ROM via ADB Sideload would be very risky, even if it could work out of the box in some cases…

That’s why it means a slightly longer wait.

Ok! Now I understand better! Thanks a lot for the quick answers. I will then sit and wait patiently for the OTA :slight_smile:

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