Upgrading from Q to S when official support stopped

Dear community,

I am a happy user of e/os on several devices but for the first time i want to upgrade a device
(Galaxy tab 5e wifi) where the official support seem to have stopped at android 11.
Thus when reading the instructions on how to upgrade, i find myself in a conundrum. It says i shall update to the newest stock rom first. As this stopped at 11, how do i upgrade to S or T (which are available i see in the e/os repository for this device)?

Thanks for the help and best regards

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Upgrade instructions are intended for if you are already using /e/OS on your device.
If you are coming from a stock ROM, it is best to just follow the install (Command line) instructions.

As long as you have the latest firmware installed on your device (R in this case), there is no problem installing /e/OS T.

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Hi @MRTN ,

i have the latest e/os version for R installed (1.8). Thus understanding your comment, i will not need to install the stock rom again and then back to e/os. I can directly move to e/os T.

I will give it a try.

Thanks and best regards,

If something goes wrong, you can still always go back to stock ROM first and then back to /e/OS T.

Hi @MRTN ,

is there a way i can keep all my installed apps or will need to wipe all data?
I plan to do the upgrade this weekend:)

Best regards,

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