Upgrading (manually) my Xiaomi Note 8T to Android R and /e/ 1.10

Hello, I have a Xiaomi Note 8T (Ginko) with /e/ 1.8 (Android 10) and I want to upgrade to Android 11 /e/1.10.
To do this I need to do a manual update (I don’t see an automatic update in /e/ for this).
I have several questions:

is this good ? also, normally I keep all my data ? (I still make a backup) THANKS !!!

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I think this is the right path :smiley_cat:
Willow is okay, I think /e/ merged Note 8 & Note 8T in a single codename.

Personally, I prefer to upload ROM images with adb push while in TWRP, instead of sideload & /e/ Recovery…
About flashing firmware: https://xiaomifirmwareupdater.com/faq/

Thank you Smu44 !

Personally, I prefer to upload ROM images with adb push while in TWRP, instead of sideload & /e/ Recovery…

OK. But I’m not very comfortable with undocumented procedures here. I see on other sites that you have to do:
adb push filenampe.zip /sdcard/
is that right?

I’m not sure I understand the difference between the firmware and the rom…For both types of file, it’s the same procedure…Thanks again.

Yes, that’s it :slight_smile:
If uncomfortable with adb push, from a running Android you can also download from network or upload file from PC, any place will do!
As long as TWRP is able to access the zip file (that’s to say: you are able to access to content of /sdcard from TWRP), it really don’t care where the file is.
Note: with some devices TWRP can also work as MTP, making some phone storage accessible from a PC (better use Windows).
Hint: from adb shell, when in TWRP, you can use md5sum or sha256sum commands to check your file :wink:

The difference between a ROM file and a FIRMWARE file is: the content of course, but also the flashing script.
You can take a look a /META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script, inside both zip files.
As long as the /META-INF content is okay, TWRP is able to flash anything.

Hello smu44…
I’m a bit nervous…

So to send the firmware update to switch to Android 11, with the file on my computer I have to:

  • boot in TWRP recovery mode

  • select Apply Update > Apply update from adb

  • from the computer : adb sideload fw_willow_miui_WILLOWEEAGlobal_V12.5.5.0.RCXEUXM_4a8a71d8ef_11.0.zip

  • reboot in FASTBOOT mode

  • send the new recovery with “fastboot flash recovery recovery-e-1.10-r-20230415279828-dev-ginkgo.img”

  • reboot in /e/ recovery mode

  • send the new /e/ 1.10 with sideload

  • reboot

Is this the correct procedure ? Thanks !


I would not advise to upgrade firmware with sideload.
Better download the zip file before (while in system), then boot to TWRP and use Install.
If you downloaded the file to the default folder, it may be in /sdcard/Downloads or something similar.

I’m not aware of /e/ Recovery flashing methods … Why don’t you stick with TWRP for now?

So… i’m more nervous now :)))

first :

  • put the Xiaomi new firmware into the phone (sdcard)
  • boot in TWRP and then Install > Chose the firmware ZIP file
  • reboot ?
  • reboot in TWRP and Advanced > ADB SIdeload
  • send the new version of /e/

am i right ?
I will use the /e/ Recovery to be “full” /e/ but if it is not mandatory I can continue like this with TWRP

That’s what I would do for my Xiaomies :+1:

You can also avoid sideload for /e/ ROM, using the same method as for firmware.

Don’t forget to check MD5 or SHA256 sums before Install (adb shell from USB, while in TWRP).

strange my SDcard seems to be crypted no ?

i cannot find the download directory…

After some quick checks, it’s unfortunately a known bug: https://github.com/TeamWin/android_device_xiaomi_ginkgo/issues/9
According the the answers, you may try to switch to OrangeFox: https://orangefox.download/device/ginkgo (wiki: https://wiki.orangefox.tech/en/guides).

Hello smu44 and thank you for your advise.
I’ll try this day

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