Upgrading MI10T Apollon from e-os R to S

e-OS S is available since a couple of months for MI 10T. Has, someone, successfully install it ?
My goal is to upgrade from R to S without data loss!
I try but I don’t success :exploding_head:

  • Upgrade doc explains phone must be on the same Android release.
  • I upload the last Xiaomi ROM (V13.0.2.0.SJDEUXM which is Android12 based
  • I try to flash it but:
    - e-os recovery says the signature is not well suited
    - I bypass that issue by answering yes to the question “flash anyway?”
    - at the end of the game sideload abort because dates are not valid (Xiaomi Rom is older than the current ROM (e-1.2-r-20220727)
    - I try to replace the e-os recovery by TWRP but unfortunately there is no Apollon TWRP release

So I’m stuck, just hoping someone could help

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Flashing a stock ROM over /e/ must be done from fastboot, your device will be reset.

Alternatively, for some device flashing the firmware only can be enough, and then just flash the new /e/ ROM over.

Thanks for your help @smu44 .
My initial idea was to flash only the firmware, but I don’t find a detailed howto for Apollon.
So as an alternative, I read on LOS forum, than it is possible to flash the full ROM, using the recovery and then (taking care to never boot on system) flash the new recovery (using fastboot) and then the new S system release.
That way to do seems to avoid dataloss

The firmware you can download here is a simple zip file with updater-script, it should flash flawlessly with any recovery (TWRP for example).

It’s an interesting method, worth a try! Taking a look at updater-script from this one, I think it should work.

There is no TWRP for MI10T Apollon…

But, thanks to your advices, I have a quick look in the install script, and I just discover than the date issue is part of the installer script :face_with_hand_over_mouth:(I know sometimes I’m stupid)
So I edit the script, suppress the date check, and put back the new script in the zip file.

I will try that asap, but I have to make backups carefully (in case of dataloss), because it’s the daily device of my wife and I want to avoid divorce :smile:.

Another time, @smu44, thanks a lot for your advices and a happy new year.

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You know what! It works fine and I avoid divorce :laughing:

So just to summarize, hereunder the command list I have to enter:

  • With Appolon connected to the computer and usb debug mode activated, enter “adb devices -l” to check adb mode is ok
  • Enter “adb reboot recovery” and wait to recovery mode - recovery-e-1.2-r-20220727206630-dev-apollon in my case.
  • by mean of recovery interface, put recovery in sideload mode
  • Enter “adb sideload fw_apollo_miui_APOLLOEEAGlobal_V13.0.12.0.SJDEUXM_00184d7033_12.0.zip”
  • by mean of recovery interface , reboot to bootloader
  • Enter “fastboot devices” to check fastboot is listening commands
  • Enter “fastboot flash recovery recovery-e-1.7-s-20230110250406-dev-apollon.img”
  • Press the volume down and Enter “fastboot reboot”
  • When in recovery mode, enter “adb devices” to check adb is listening command
  • Put recovery in sideload mode and enter “adb sideload e-1.7-s-20230110250406-dev-apollon.zip”
  • When sideload is finished, just reboot to system and enjoy your new e-os/Android12 apollon

As you say, the try is worthy, and it works. I haven’t any data loss and the phone is working finely.

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