Upgrading OnePlus 5T


I currently have /e/ installed on my One Plus 5T: Android 8.1.0 (Dec 2021)

I’m a bit confused about how to upgrade (https://doc.e.foundation/devices/dumpling/upgrade), whether it’s possible to upgrade while keeping data and apps, or is it’s all wiped?


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All upgrade instructions in /e/ are going to include a form of “format data”. Try as we might we cannot get round it!

So with each upgrade we have to have a preprepared backup of essentials in preparation for a fresh start. This includes apps and their contained data.

Strictly speaking the internal storage of the device is not wiped but a thorough inclusive backup is best.

Before trying to upgrade to the most recent R version - Android 11 - I would advise doing the upgrade to Android 10 first as you are still on a relatively old version. @SuzieQ posted a detailed description with screenshots here. Though it’s over a year old, the basic operations still hold true. The few problems she evoked at the time have been resolved, so you can follow it safely: only caveat I would add…
Make sure to do the sideload of version 10 firmware which allows you to complete the update to Android 10 in eOS. As @aibd mentions the factory reset is required which means losing your apps, though I seem to remember that personal data was not touched. In any case it’s better to reinstall your apps when upgrading to a new Android version as some may not work unless they have their upgraded version as well. If you have a rooted phone you can use Neo_Backup to save your apps and resinstall them later.
Once you are on Android 10, I found that there was no need for a firmware update to go to Android 11 (not sure that one even exists as the 5T is an oldish device now). Just follow the official upgrade instructions to upgrade to “R” and you should be alright.
N.B. you may lose your TWRP recovery doing the upgrades, but it is easy to reinstall and once on the latest version the e-recovery works with no problem for intermediate updates.