Upgrading OS on FP2 (P-->R)


My FP2 is still running 0.23-p-20220412177701-dev-FP2 (Android v9). Is there a way to download/install the latest version - I guess an “R” with Android v11 - ? The “App Lounge” appear not to work correctly, maybe due to the fact that the apps to be downloaded are not supported with this OS : the apps begin to be downloaded, but the “App Lounge” stops working during the installation of these apps.

Moreover, I read elsewhere that the upgrading from Q to R appears to be more or less advisable… Which difficulties should I cope with ?

Thanks in advance !

You can download the files here :


The “new” App Lounge was introduced in v1.0, I think this will solve the problems you are experiencing now.

Upgrading is the only way as development of /e/OS Pie (Android 9) has stopped.

Make sure to backup all of your personal data in advance, and read the instructions carefully before you do a clean install.