Upgrading Xperia 10

Dear all,
for some reasons my xperia 10 (i4113 kirin) did not upgrade since 1.8
I am trying to put the new 2.1. My data is backed up, I can wipe it all.

In fastboot mode (I am using latest fastboot from google 35.0.1, fastboot devices works fine)
fastboot flash boot recovery-e-2.1-t…img
does nothing : no message, nothing happens, I can ctrl+C and reboot.
I have checksumed the img.

What can I do ? Can I sideload eos 2.1 from recovery 1.8 ?

thanks for your help

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Good news, I found the answer, I needed to make sure to work in usb2 mode.
I just used an old wire and everything worked.
best regards,

Yeah that sometimes is very annoying, cables or ports can be issue…

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