Upgrading Xperia XA2 to S - heavy battery drain afterwards. Am I the only one?

Dear community,

just upgraded my XA2 to e S. Afterwards the power consumption is way beyond normal levels. All my apps and settings were preserved nicely, so the setup is quite the same as it was with R.
Loaded the batt to ~ 60 % just before going to bed. Phone was in flight mode at night, no foreground apps running, screen switched off.
Waking up in the morning I saw an empty battery (3%). The battery monitor from settings shows a constant linear decline over night.
Am I the only one with this experience?


Hmm. I just did the same thing yesterday, but I have not observed the battery drain issue.

I always re-boot a few times after any upgrade or even update. It’s an old superstitious habit, trying to “bed in” the OS changes a few times :wink:

However, I have noticed that there is a certain “flakiness” with the SIMs on reboot. I have the 4133 (dual SIM) version and, on reboot, it seems that sometimes only one SIM is activated, which requires a re-re-boot to get both to be seen by the OS. Sometimes neither are visible, then a re-re-reboot seems to get at least one back. It is a bit hit-and-miss.

Once both are visible again, it then requires going into the Settings for calls and SMS to again select Ask Every Time for the choice of SIM to use (else it is set to the SIM that was visible prior to reboot). Strange behaviour. The inability to turn off SIMs via software switches (as opposed to removing them) continues in S.

Has anyone else noticed this?