Urgent help asked: 4G Internet stopped working on Fairphone 3 with e/OS

Last night 4G Internet connection stopped working on Fairphone 3 with e/OS. I did not change any settings. Wifi connection is okay. I did the upgrade to e/OS 1.5 in the hope that would solve the problem but is does not. I have two different simcards from two different providers, both not working.

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Update: I have solved the problem changing adding new settings to the “Names accespoint” setting.
KPN Names accespoints

The question remains why did it stop working all of a sudden in the first place?

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whats your exact version? as in “1.5-r-202210…”, see [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc

(There weren’t KPN related apns-conf.xml changes between R and S, so I wonder)

options currently with APN are not like what is recommended in the help dialog KPN guides you through:


<apn carrier="KPN 4G LTE" mcc="204" mnc="08" apn="KPN4G.nl" mmsc="http://mp.mobiel.kpn/mmsc" mmsproxy="" mmsport="5080" type="default,supl,mms" />
<apn carrier="KPN Mobiel Internet" mcc="204" mnc="08" apn="portalmmm.nl" proxy="" port="" user="" password="" mmsc="http://mp.mobiel.kpn/mmsc" mmsproxy="" mmsport="5080" type="*" />

help dialog on KPN:

<apn carrier="KPN Mobiel Internet" mcc="204" mnc="08" apn="internet" type="default,supl"  />

I wouldn’t think so, but they might have dumped kpn4g.nl and portalmmm.nl

(I wasn’t aware that Ortel and Simyo belong to KPN btw, and Youfone, Telfort, AH, Lebara branded simcard in NL go with the same mcc/mnc, so if there are apn changes at the carrier those look at problems too)

Thank you very much @tcecyk. These settings go way above my head. So I just followed the instructions from the link I posted. It does work now. On the phone screen it does say 4G+ in stead of 4G.

no, apn name has no influence on transmit power. What is written as 4G and 4G+ is carrier choice. They could write 7G if they want just for fun

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I “upgraded” (reinstalled) my FP3 last weekend from Android 9 to 11 ( IMG-e-1.5-r-20221028230215-stable-FP3.zip) and lost my internet connection to KPN. The link in the OP helped me to get access to mobile data again.

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