US Phones Out Of Stock

Both the Fairphone 4 and the Pixel 5 refurbished are out of stock on for the US region? Does anyone know how often their restocked. I am wondering if I want to wait, or just order a phone off of ebay and reflash?

And if I went the ref lashing route, would buying a Fairphone 4 off ebay and flashing it via the easy installer give me an identical experience once done?

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Will check and get back.

You wouldn’t be able to contact Murena support as a direct Murena customer, and Fairphone themselves don’t support phones in the US as of now, but otherwise … yes.

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FP4 are sent from Europe today so they will be back in stock hopefully next week or the week after
As for Pixel 5 we would estimate their availability in store in 2/3 weeks


Thanks ive signed up for email notifications. Hopefully they will land soon.

This is good to know. I am getting my wife on the de-googled bandwagon, hopefully with a FP4, and was wondering when US availability would be.

That said, I have one of the Terracubes, and it is a good phone. Those are in stock now. Only complaint is the camera is kind of mediocre on it. Other than that it runs great since the day I bought it over 2 years ago. Only downside is it’s only 4G, which works just fine for me.


They are back in stock today. Just ordered a fairphone 4 for my wife. Pumped to add her to the de-googled way (and a little phone jelous). I’ll still be kicking my terracube for a while.