USB-C audio disabled


The latest releases disable USB-C audio.
I have a soundblaster DAC which worked in a former release.
When I plug it in, the audio output seems to be redirected (speakers are mute), but no sound comes from the DAC.

Can you enable this feature?

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Hi everybody,
I don’t know before, but I just received my USB-C DAC and it not works with my Fairphone 3 e/OS …

I will be happy to help testing this feature … :smile:

I found one apps that works with USB DAC : USB Player PRO
There is a trial version here :
Enjoy …

USB Player Pro works only on Android with the Playstore. I have had the app on my GS290 with /e/OS and the paid version did not work. I’ve mailed them and they confirmed it.

Since the update to /e/OS 1.15 or 1.16 my USB DAC the Hidzizs S9 Pro is not anymore recognized by my GS290. What to do?