USB drivers for XA2 pioneer?

Hi all,
I have not installed /e/ yet on my XA2 but I am planning to. So I’m checking the instructions and I notice this :

  • The /e/ wiki page refers to Sony’s official unlocking website.
  • On Sony’s site, the 2nd step is to download and install the latest USB drivers.
  • On is the list of the drivers for Xperia devices, but XA2 is not listed.
    So my question is : is this driver necessary, and if so where can I find it or what can I do instead ?
    Thanks for any help !

from link you given “Our devices always comes with drivers pre-installed, but as a developer you sometimes need the drivers specifically.” So i think its not necessary, so why not, just try.

I got stuck here for quite some time before I found some documentation on the SailfishOS site.

Short answer: yes, you need some drivers (different from the ADB ones).

BUT, you need drivers not from those listed there on the developers site as XA2. Rather, per the instructions at , you’ll need drivers for the Xperia X. The driver is called Sony sa0114. The instructions at Jolla/Sailfish will guide you through the rest of the process.

Good luck. It took me a bit of playing around, and you may well need to re-flash the stock Sony ROM again if things go fubar, but the “Emma” flashtool available from Sony will be able to let you do that quite easily.