USB file transfer is greyed out

Dear E.Foundation, I recently had an OS update for my Samsung Galaxy S9.
Before, I could plug the USB cable between the phone and the PC in either Ubuntu or Windows, turn on USB File Transfer, and move pictures and e-books etc.

But after the most recent OS update, the option ‘File Transfer’ is greyed out, along with all other options in the USB preferences screen. It’s set to ‘No transfer’ and I can’t click the other options.
I have developer options turned on.

I hope I translated the screens names correctly, I have it in Dutch and it’s the options under ‘Instellingen - Verbonden apparaten - USB’ – ‘Preferences - connected devices - USB’.

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Hi, the same appeared here on a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 freshly converted to e/OS/ build 20220728.

Please, have a look at USB Preferences are greyed out Fairphone 4 - #5 by aibd