USB Tethering: assigning static IP addresses

I noticed that with the latest /eOS release, 1.5, the IP mask assigned to an external device connected via USB tethering is not constant, so that the IP of that device changes everytime the USB tethering is reconnected.

This wasn’t happening with previous versions of the system and it’s causing me some troubles, as I’d like the IP to be static and to survive across reconnection.

Does someone have some hints?


usb tethering - the smartphone is offering its network via usb, not the other way round?

Is the it deterministic, like the ip changes on every creation of the link? is the link MAC the same across reconnects, even as the IP changes?

On an Ubuntu-based laptop, connected via USB to the Fairphone with /s/OS:


Reconnect (switch off / switch on) USB tethering on the smartphone:


Do you need some additional information?

did you change major Android versions at the same time? I use the usb-tether feature seldomly so can’t say if Android R was different. But yes, I see what you describe (in 1.5 S)… but can’t find an option to make the usb tethering static. Read the docs on the wifi mac-randomization, but no mention of usb


November 22

did you change major Android versions at the same time?

Yes, before 1.5 it wasn’t happening.