UsbOtg with Samsung galaxy s8

Hello E community!

Is there a way to use usbOTG with Samsung galaxy s8? For example external storage or USB hardware. There is an app called Mountie who can Mount external USB storage but it requires root access. I don’t want to root my s8 for security reasons.

Thanks, best regards.

My Samsung works fine with a product sold as USB OTG, a bit of an old spec perhaps but available. (Maybe modern devices work more uniformly with other USB hardware, idk)

Just found a workaround. I installed the mountie app from f-droid via TWRP as system app, and so even my external 2TB hard drive is working with a poor 0.50euro usb-c to usb 3.0 female adapter. Impressive an scaring things that we can do with physical access to a bootloader unlocked device.