Use ecloud on lineageOS

Hello everybody,

since there is no /e/ rom for my xiaomi mi a2, i installed lineageOS directly. Now i want to use the e-cloud for my calendar etc. and i dont get it to work.

Can somebody please help?
Kind Regards Julius

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For calender, tasks and contacts
DAVx⁵ (CalDAV/CardDAV-Synchronisierung und -Client) -

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I did it as a test a couple months ago on the other phone I have.

You have to install 3 apps:

  • “Davx5” to synchronize /e/ calendar and /e/ contacts on the phone

  • “Nextcloud” to access and synchronize your files with the server /e/

  • and “Nextcloud Notes” if you also want to access the notes that you have made and that reside on your account /e/


Thank your very much

Looks like your phone was released with Android 8.1 so you can install the unofficial Generic System Image on it.

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