Use Nextcloud instead of ecloud

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i am monitoring /e/ for a long time and have migrated quite a few phones to use /e/. However there is still 1 major headache for me: It is a NO GO for me, to put all my private data into the Internet and even worse to some cloud provider, no matter who’s that provider.
I searched quite a while and i believe I am by far not the only one.

As ecloud is based on Nextcloud i did hope there is some way to add whatever is needed to my already running Nextcloud instance and connect my /e/ device natively to Nextcloud. Please do not refer to the NC app, i look into /e/ to have a native integration into the phone OS.

Is there any document here at /e/ which describes, how i can use my Nextcloud instance instead of ecloud?

ps: I appreciate the ecloud initiative a lot, so please do not treat my question as a complaint. It is just not my style of living to use cloud services when storing my digital live.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

It is very easy to setup synchronization of your device running /e/ OS and your own Nextcloud instance - just install the F-droid Store (which offers only vetted verified FOSS apps) and then install from it the DAVx5 and NextCloud apps. DAVx5 will allow you to sync calendar events, tasks and contacts to and from your NextCloud instance. The NextCloud app will allow you to enable automatic sharing and/or backups of folders (especially useful for backing up any photos taken on your /e/ device) as well as browsing files on your NextCloud server.

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You can host your own ecloud instance, (With your own domain, not ecloud) so you can keep control of your data. Look at: e / infra / ecloud-selfhosting · GitLab
But what you are looking to do is: what do I need to add to my Nextcloud instance so I can log in using my /e/ phone.

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You are right @erothoff And there is absolutely nothing wrong for me with using ecloud. I really love /e/ and the idea behind it. It is just all Info I found so far (= ecloud self hosting) requires to have it exposed to the internet, For me this means every hacker or just script kiddie can test me, if have taken all needed security measures. If I forget something, my privacy and all my data might go to /dev/null faster than I can take backups…
For me this is not the right way towards privacy and I admit, I do not understand, why so many people do not care. :thinking:
I guess you can get my point.
If there is some way to install ecloud into some docker container without Certbot / Let’s encrypt, than I am also very much interested to hear. I found some post and still try to fiddle with an own DNS server at home, but this is again the totally wrong direction: I don’t want to become an ISP on my own, I just want to connect my phone to my data on a NAS or ecloud box or whatever I have at home. And while I am away I can use a VPN tunnel, so just that easy, at least in my opinion :wink: