Use only Aurora within App Lounge

Hey :wave:t2:

It’s amazing for me to see that “App Lounge” can use Aurora to fetch APKs :heart_eyes:

I’d like to know whether it is possible to see from which APK store an app inside App Lounge is coming (CleanAPK or Aurora). Or is it possible to disable CleanAPK?
Because I do not want to install APKs from CleanAPK.


Hi, so i think you must use Aurora store only, if you don’t want a cleanapk source.

That’s my current setting. It has the disadvantage of not installing app updates automatically - Aurora Services are needed for this, but the /e/ support discouraged me to install them and pointed me to App Lounge instead.

Only drawback concerning the AppLounge is that some version of app (like signal for example) are not the lastest one. But this is the only disavantage. I really like applounge !

Yes, and if you want update apps automatically aurora needs root permissions.
So keep both the stores but for me Lounge is only a “front-end” not a real store.

The App Lounge doesn’t actually use the Aurora Store at all, but is a kind of clone of the Aurora Store. FOSS apps come from cleanapk, and other apps anonymously from Google Play (or “Aurora Store” as you call it").

So if I understand you correctly, this is not possible yet.

Are you guys contributing to /e/ OS and could file an issue? Or should I contact the official support?

I upgraded eOS to v1.0 recently and the App Lounge just stalls while loading.
Any suggestions on where to go to find a fix?

Maybe you block some connections by another app or a device in your network.
Or you may try to delete data of the app lounge.