Use the fingerprint sensor except for unlocking?

Hi everyone,

I am new to both /e/ and Android and have a ton of questions. I hope it’s ok to extensively use this forum.

I would like to use the fingerprint sensor on my device for unlocking apps; however, I do not want to use it for unlocking my phone. My reasoning behind this is that the fingerprint is not really secure but offers a lot oft convenience, so as some kind of middle ground I’d like to use the sensor if and only if my system has been unlocked via PIN previously.

However, it only seems possible to register a fingerprint and use it for unlocking. Is this true or can I somehow prevent this without deleting my fingerprint altogether?



Hi, and welcome to android! My advice to you, is that often the best to do is mess with the settings. Like, all the settings. In-app, system, everything.

For this speech issue, I would add fingerprints in system, set lock mode to whatever you want, then go to the apps you need and set the mode to fingerprint there. …
hope it works for you!

This is a really interesting question, because I really want to configure my fingerprint only to login into apps but not to unlock my phone.

I’d be interested to read/share the solution here!


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Unfortunately, @donut3’s suggestion is not working for me. In the settings, I registered my fingerprint, and thereby I can unlocking the phone via fingerprint although the unlock mode is set to PIN.

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Hi @ynnetch, so sorry to hear it 's failing…
I must say that I don’t know another solution.
This may not be possible… I don’t know

Sad :confused:

Moreover, do anyone have any good article to share about how (not) secure the fingerprint is?



sorry for reviving and old thread but I figured this would be better than creating a new one.

But I have the same problem - oneplus nord avicii. Reinstalling /e/os did not help and I have the same settings as ynnetch. System is set to PIN but still, I can’t somehow seem to disable the fingerprint for unlocking the phone. Did anyone figure out a way to do use fingerprint for anything except unlocking?

Hi, I have Fairphone 4 with latest /e/OS (v1.16) directly from Murena and I have the same issue. Unlocking my phone ONLY with PIN and the applications with fingerprint is perfect combination for me. I can always reject to provide my PIN, but I can be forced to provide my fingerprint. On the other hand unlocking apps with fingerprint after entering PIN adds another layer of security.
It seems that this combination is still not possible on the latest /e/OS regardless of the settings (at least on my FP4). Once I register my fingerprint it could be ALWAYS used to unlock both - the phone and applications. IMHO it is currently not possible to exclude the fingerprint from unlocking the phone.
I could had this functionality on my previous phone with LineageOS and I really miss it! Did anybody figured out how to enable this? Or is it possible to implement this feature in future /e/OS release? I guess this should not be very difficult fix.