Used Smartphone with good battery life similar to Samsung Galaxy S9

Dear community,
I am using a Samsung Galaxy S9 with e-os at the moment. That is fine and all is working well. But the battery life is not good. I’m not sure, if it has to do with e-os or if it’s just the S9. I would like to change to another Smartphone, that is - like the S9 - rather small. It could also be smaller than the S9. It shouldn’t be much older. It should work fine with E-OS and the installation should be easy. And the battery life should be much better. Also, I don’t want to loose too much money - the reason why I search for a used one. Any hints? It doesn’t have to be a Samsung.
Thank you very much

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Why not change the battery? Your one could be 5 years old!

Either pop into a local repairer or have a go yourself. Not too difficult, you just need a lot of patience and care.

The battery isn’t holding up well, is it?
Mine lasts a day, I don’t know if that’s good with /e/ OS 1.12.3. But I don’t think smartphones last much longer?
Sorry for my translation if it’s not very clear, I don’t speak French anymore.


Thanks for your replies. Mine doesn’t last a day and the battety is still at good level (85%). I am not a power user. That is why I asked.

Which application do you use to check the health of your battery?


AccuBattery (


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