Using a God-fearing language

As a believer in God, I will not support one more system that that describes its practices with ungodly actions.
For example using words like wizard on how to install software is unacceptable.
Please remove all words that have a relation to ungodly practices in this project and I will support it.

God bless you all in Jesu name.

Glory to God in the highest! Hallelujah!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback.

The word “wizard” here doesn’t mean “Harry Potter” but “helper”, so there is no good enough reason to change it.

Don’t forget that this project is international, meaning a bunch of different religions need be taken into account. The easiest way to do so is to act as if there was none. That’s why the e Foundation won’t change this name to fit your need, and won’t be influenced by any religion.


Religion is a matter of choice of each person.

As an agnostic human being, I will always support any initiative that supports, and stands for, freedom!

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The terminology or words used on /e/ platforms are standard and in use across all platforms and technical forum across the world. These are words accepted and understood by all users. There will not be any changes to these terms and definitions.


@Oyvind I totally understand your hesitating over this term…
I also used to have reservations over it. However, the term ‘wizard’ in relation to technology refers to a piece of software, not a witchcraft… I guess the software was named ‘wizard’ because it’s really good at what it does, so someone named it that.
I am so sorry that this may cause you distaste!
As @Manoj said, this is an industry-standard term, not like it’s something the /e/ foundation would change…

I also am a believer in Christ. I believe that this software can help us to break free of being monitored by governments designed to confiscate our freedom!

Do you seriously think google‘s projet is the arm of a god or the arm of an evil ?

This subject is off topic. This is a technical forum. Closing the topic.