Using App from Google Play store

If installing an App from Google Play store I had to sign in with my Gmail Account. Is it secured that then Google do not have more Infos of my /e/ phone, never?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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You don’t need gogol store (that don’t work on device without gogol services like ours) nor account…
On F-droid ( the major Open Sources Store ), you will find Aurora Store witch is an alternative and anonymous client for downloading and installing the not paid applications present on the gogol store ( don’t connect gogol account )

Thanks for this Info about Aurora Store !

All my problems solved! Thx a lot for this hint!
In Apps and F-Droid I did not find my banking apps :frowning:
After days of searching and try&error how installing an App from Google Play store by defining an new Google Account on my Samsung /e/ to sign in with my Gmail Account I found this hint.
Installing Aurora Store (via F-Droid ) I now find all the apps I need :slight_smile:

the /e/OS is a non-rooted OS,
But to work on your /e/device, your bank app may need you install magisk and use the magiskhide feature
( I know it is paradoxal )

So I will first check if the banking apps all work normally?
Before I learn what magisk means and install it :slight_smile:

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The Forum seach-barre is very helpful…