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I’m interested in flashing /e/OS to this phone (if possible?) Got a few questions about the functioning of /e/OS. If I install app(s) from google store, will those apps be able to “report” to Google? Read a list of installed apps, but what if I need an app not “factory” installed? Are most Android apps compatible w/ /e/OS? Last…have a phone (Vortex v22) currently running And.11. Could I install(flash) /e/OS…would this phone be compatible?

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/e/OS runs most Android apps. Probably wouldn"t be of much use otherwise. :smirk:

A lot of apps have trackers. /e/OS has something called Advanced Privacy where one of its features is tracker blocking.

From what I can tell, your Vortex V22 (from StandUp Wireless?) has no development. Meaning no custom ROMs or anything of that nature. Thus no /e/OS.

A list of supported devices can be found here…

Smartphone Selector

RE: marcdw

Yes…I’m aware the Vortex v22 has no custom ROM. I was asking IF I could flash /e/OS to it. I’m aware, also, that the v22 isn’t on the “list”. What I asked was if /e/OS was compatible w/ this phone because of it running Android 11? So, I am to understand if it’s not on the “list”, I’m not able to flash /e/OS ? Correct?


No, a device does not have to be on the list. A number of devices also have unofficial builds offered by some ROM builders.

/e/OS is based on LineageOS so I believe at some point the device would have to at least had support from them.
There’s also all that needs to be done before even getting there. Is the device bootloader unlockable. In my searches I came across one post somewhere about getting the device unlocked and I think that was just a SIM unlock.

The Vortex V22 has no custom ROM support and no development. /e/OS is not just incompatible it is not even installable / flashable.

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Do you mean GSIs/ Project Treble?
/e/OS also offers GSIs, but you would still need to figure out a way to install a GSI on your device.

RE: marcdw

Wow…OK, thanks. Wonder if I put in a “request” to /e/OS webpage (developers) if they could figure a mount for it(?)

Thanx AnotherElk. Yea, kinda got the same response from marcdw. I hope I can ask the developers if they could build a mount for it. They have a place on their website just for that.