Using banking apps with /e/OS 1.8

As a convinced Linux user since years, I have decided to de-googlize my phone with /e/OS v.1.8.1 (S). But my banking app (Ma Banque, Credit Agricole, FRA) won’t run since it detects my phone as rooted (or oem unlocked ?). I know that other threads exist but, from several options (Magisk, Xposed, …) which is the recommended one for /e/OS ? I have understood that several were workarounds, working with older Android versions, but deprecated since Google improved its hunt for alternative OSes (SafetyNet, CTS, …). So I would really appreciate an advice to be able to fully enjoy /e/OS, since all other apps run fine !

Thank you in advance,
Best regards,
Jean-Noel Bass - FRANCE

Here is a screenshot of my Magisk modules on my OnePlus 9. That combined with all banking apps on deny-list makes ALL apps run, without problems.

Since these many many not running banking apps are probably the biggest lack in usability of /e/ - why can’t this stuff not be integrated into the OS for everyone?

I used to use magisk (in my case, only with universal safetynet-fix and shamiko modules)

But recently, a simplier solution has been shared, thanks to @saroumane38 : modify 2 lines in the /system/build.prop file

Editer le fichier pour ajouter (ou modifier) ces 2 variables:


Cant this be set by default in eOS?