Using Entrust Identity Guard on /e/?

Hi friends!

To access an essential web system of my company, I need to use the Entrust Identity Guard soft token app.
It’s not on the /e/ app store, is there a way to download it?

Not using it isn’t an option, as my company has just phased out hard tokens…

Hoping any of you has an idea!

Hi @Thijsebijs welcome,

Aurora store have Entrust Identity from

Aurora store can be found in Apps :slight_smile:

Please tell me whether it works! I tried 3 months ago and the entrust app detected “an insecure system (rooted)” even though my phone is not rooted…

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thanks @aibd!
so far it seems to work, but my holidays just started, so I can’t use it yet.
So @Leon, I’ll update you in august! :slight_smile:
What has been your solution so far?

On /e/ Q unofficial my banking app didn’t work and then i went to /e/ pie Official. Still it doesn’t work. It says device is rooted. Though device is not rooted. Maybe it is because boot loader is unlocked.

Hello everyone!

Any news on this topic?
For one of the connections I need to make in my work, I need to use Entrust Identity. I have had no problem installing the application from “Apps”.
However when I try to make the connection it considers that my device is not secure.

Has anyone found a solution?


My workaround is that Entrust also offers pc apps. Check out their website!

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