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I just got my first phone with /e/OS and I am new to this community. Hello! :slight_smile:

I did not find an answer to my question in older posts, so Iā€™m asking here. Sorry if missed something, provide a link if this is the case.

My question is the following: What are the implications of using my Google Account in the App Lounge? Will my phone be known/registered to Google furtheron? Which data are transferred to Google? What happens if i then logout and use the anonymous mode again?
(Background is, I want to install an App I bought in the play store in the past, i.e. Threema. Now Iā€™m trying to decide wether to reuse the License from the play store or to buy a new one. But it would be nice to know for future decisions, as well.)

Thanks in advance

Hi @meenzer welcome to the /e/ forum. I hope I can provide some links to advance your research into how you would use Google in a degoogled phone !

Main page for App Lounge

Searching from ā€“ you will find more links ā€¦

Many times when you have purchased an app before, you can try to contact the developer directly. More than often I received a code to redeem and activate the full version without Google Paystore.

Hi @aibd,

thanks for the links. They made things clearer.

As far as I understand the third Link, several data about my device is send to Google when using App Lounge. If I use my personal account, Google can link it to the data.

One thing I do not understand: Is it possible to Login with my personal account once, install apps, logout again, and use App Lounge in anonymous mode?

I suppose, in this case, Google would still fingerprint my device and recognize me even in anonymous mode. Anyone know about this?

Thanks and regards

Good hint, thanks for that, @Infinity.

On their Website, Threema say, they do not do so.

On the other hand, I want to know generally, just in case I want to buy apps from the playstore in the future.

It is possible

Theoretically they could, but I have never seen any evidence that they do.

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Thanks for your answer!