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I’ve stumbled across the forum in order to find some (for me) understandable instructions for SeedVault. Unfortunately I didn’t. Actually I have a simple question:

I am actually using an OnePlus 7pro running e/OS version 1.6 on Android 11 (R).

I am switching to an OnePlus 9 running e/OS version 1.6 on Android 12 (S).

Hoe can I use my (local made) SeedVault backup to ease my life (what does it transfer to the new device and how)? Anyone with some short “how to’s” and “what to’s”?


I wrote a lengthy post on Seedvault when /e/ was at Android 10 (Q) and the option hidden. I think it’s surfaced now so a lot of the “enable Seedvault” is no longer necessary to know.

The issue with Seedvault before Android 13 (T) is: not everything can be backed up, as Apps are allowed to opt-out of backup - so it’s an incomplete solution. With “fake-d2d” merged in Seedvault (not yet the case), the opt-out is no longer possible and the backup will be way more useful.

For now on all other Androids: it will transfer the apks and reinstall them - but mostly not accompanying app-data and accounts. You’ll see in the app list by its slider which Apps settings can be backed up prior.

/e/ bundles an old Seedvault apk currently, so it’s possible you’ll see bugs that are solved already.

I’ve tried seedvault several times, but only for same device/same android version backup/restores.

There was no prompt that I could see to restore the backup whilst running through the first time set up for eOS. I had to do it after booting using a dialler code for “restore” ie: ##7378673##. Then I could select the usb as a location to restore from.

Here’s some images of what I was able to restore.

I was not able to backup work profile contents although it was possible on Calyx OS

I’m rooted with Magisk and have Titanium Backup Pro installed. Is there ANY advantage in using SeedVault over TB at all?

if /e/ is already installed, you can perform a factory reset to get it.


What about -->Settings -->System -->Back-up ?

I don’t know if you understood the question. I HAVE e/OS running on an OnePlus 7pro and I am now setting up its successor my OnePlus 9. So I want to copy the complete data, apps and settings from OP7pro to OP9.

Hi piero, thanks for the input. My wording may have been misleading and it might have been better to say enrolment rather than first time set up because I had actually done a factory reset.

I think I looked there and certainly knew about it as that is how to start the backup in the first place but I’m not 100% sure.

Next time I will try it (but won’t be on a oneplus Oppo device!).

Would it make a difference if the flash drive was plugged in early during enroloment, I also wonder?

I have the Fairphone 3 with eOS version 1.6-r 20221129238947-stable-FP3.

I have found a workable solution for backing up the data as well as the setting for most apps. But backing up an un-rooted Android OS has been an unsolved problem for me for a long time.

My wish/please to the e-community or the makers of /e would be some guidance on this.

Probably I have to be patient for this, since SeedVault will probably only be available from Android 12 (or even 13 ?).

But my thanks for this would be very, very big!

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