Using shared Google calendars on /e/

OK, I am a new user of /e/ since yesterday. The problem I have: I use Google agenda with a shared agenda with someone else. My (and his) agenda is used to synchronize between all our devices (desktops, laptop, mobile phones). How do I set this up in /e/? On my old Android phone I used the Google agenda app.

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two users writing to the same shared Google calendar - I don’t think this works with caldav.

What certainly works is subscribing to each others calendar - read-only by the counterparty. In the calendar view both agendas are visible, in a color that can be made the same. If you subscribe to be reminded on items in both this should work? agenda item collusions are not taken care of though

Haven’t looked at this for 1-2 years, thinks can change.

OK, I solved this some time ago: we have just one Murena account for the both of us with three agenda’s, one for me, one for my partner and one for the both of us. This way synchronization of all agenda’s is effortless, we can both add events to all agenda’s (which was definitely our goal) AND we can get rid of our Google accounts! Perfect solution. I just hope Murena does not object to this usage.

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thanks for noting down your solution!

For caldav calendars the “one account” approach simplifies things, equal permission on writing to the calendar etc.

But I’d guess you use this account only for the Calendars?

Yes, absolutely. However, I think this should also work for tasks.

Update: This definitely works as well for tasks. I’m very happy with this murena account.