Using Simple Gallery with SD card

The default Gallery app doesn’t work well when Camera app saves to SD Card (new photos don’t display until a reboot). So, I tried Simple Gallery which does work but only halfway. New photos display but in the wrong orientation. For example portrait photos always display sideways (rotated 90° into landscape mode). If you try to rotate the photo manually, it still jumps back to landscape.

Is there a solution?

In Simple Gallery Settings is a “variable”

File loading priority which, I find affects the issue you were first trying to fix!

More likely culprit is

Rotate full screen media by.

Bon chance

I don’t have these issues with Simple Gallery.

I do have the very same problem… On one hand the default gallery app can’t read photos on SD card until reboot and on the other, simple gallery rotates 90° all the pictures taken from the default camera app. This is a small inconvenience I agree, but it makes laught the iOs users of my relatives, which annoys me beyond limits.
I tried the simple camera app, but there is two others issues. First is obviously the lack of available settings and second is that the gallery access thumbnail on the top right of the screen disapears after taking a photo…

So lets sum up elements :

  • Simple Gallery rotation bug fixing could solve the problem, but anyways the build in gallery app ought to work for such a basic feature
  • Simple Camera has its own annoying problems and therefore is not a solution
  • There must be a way for the built in gallery to refresh in real time the content of the SD card, since a third part app does achieve it
  • The default gallery app is quite ugly

For now, I bypassed the problem by saving the pictures in the (small) internal memory of my samsung galaxy A3. I didn’t find any others way to make the iOS user stop laughing. Anyhow, this app is quite ugly.


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