Using Stylus in eOS

Hi everyone,
i try the Samsung Notes App with an s-Pen and i am suprised how smooth this works, like a pencil on paper. Now i am thinking about to get a tablet like that, because i am writing a lot of on my work, so i can work a lot without using paper.

Is there a app and a stylus, that works siimilar on /e/OS? If so i would buy me a levono yoga tab plus and install /e/ on with a stylus and an similar app - otherwise i take an samsung tab s6 or s7

best regards

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I have a similar question. My Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 (YTX703f) already has /e/ and I have had the Lecture Notes app ( for quite some time, even on other devices I use. On my Note 9 (SM-N960f) with /e/, I can use the app very well with the stylus that comes with the Note 9. But on the Lenovo Yoga Tab, none of the pens I’ve used so far really do a satisfactory job. I tried the stylus that comes with the Note 9 - it didn’t work at all. Also, this one that I had ordered from Amazon ( Does, but not really satisfactory. Does anyone have a clue or idea how a sensible course of action would be?