Using Tasker with rooted /e/?

I have just started getting into /e/, and I’m thinking of using it on both of my devices: a Samsung Galaxy S5 and a OnePlus 7 Pro. I’m going to try it on the older S5 first.

I have always rooted my devices, because I want to have certain capabilities that most ROMs don’t offer out of the box. One of the apps I use is Tasker, which I utilize to control the behavior of my device in ways that I want.

Does anyone have any experience using Tasker in a rooted /e/ environment? Does it work? Do all, or at least most of its actions and contexts function under /e/?

Thank you very much.

How Tasker works on /e/ should be no different than on any other ROM. Don’t forget, /e/ is essentially LineageOS. So if you’ve had no issues on other LOS-based ROMs (crDroid, AOKP, Resurrection Remix, AICP, ViperOS, ColtOS, FireHound, etc.) you should be good to go. Save for any changes in Android versions.

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Got it, and thank you very much.