Using Yubikey in /e/ OS default browser

Hi I have Murena Fairphone with /e/OS

I do some work for an organisation that requires 2FA for which I have a Yubikey. Yubikey works fine with my Fairphone for other apps, but this particular login throws this screen:

Highlighted part reads “Requires Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge to use Security Keys”

I can login on my laptop which has Vivaldi browser, so it will recognise a chrome-based browser. I don’t want to have to install chrome just to log in. Is there a way to tell the website it is a chrome-based browser? Any suggestions?

(Or is it something like, “Vivaldi is built on Chrome but /e/OS browser is built on Chromium, which is too different”?)

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It looks as if the answer is complex, so I will not try to simplify these two posts

microg got FIDO support end of last year, even nfc got along since, see this user feedback. Lots of open issues on the topic tag [FIDO] so “ymmv”.

In the context of /e/, I think it’s up to bromite now to use it -

Not sure where Firefox is at currently, they moved issues to their bugtracker and previously relied only on the gplay implementation.

I have a hardware key, will trial it this week and report back.

@aibd @tcecyk Thanks both. I was hoping it might be something as simple as a user-agent string change, but it’s quite clear it’s not. And I think I’ll keep a watching brief until it looks a little bit more developed and nearer working out-of the-box given my tech limitations. But will check in @tcecyk to see what you find out…

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