V1 upgrade resulting in loss of stability

Recent upgrade to v1.0 on fp3+. Hve not experienced previously described battery drain issues, however since upgrade significant wait times to unlock screen (also previously reported in battery drain thread). Additionally and more importantly system seems less stable - receiving calls on whatsapp now results in a total freeze that requires removal of battery to reboot. Browsers (brave and duckduck) hang a lit more frequently requiring force closes and displaying videomaterial in browsers with multiple tabs open and changing screen orientation results in black unresponsive screen which can sometimes be resolved by locking and unlocking screen and force closing app, sometimes requires battery removal.

So on all severe loss of functionality and stability.

I hope to have these resolved in coming updates, but for now is there an easy way to revert to 0.26?


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Thank you!
Embarassing lmgtfy moment :slight_smile:

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