Vaillant Vsmart inside Shelter Work Profile

I have a e/OS 1.17 on a Samsung S9.

I have installed a Vaillant Vsmart App (heating control) in my Shelter work profile.

I can connect the App to Vaillant’s online servers (over Wireless), but not to the heating’s Gateway (a bluetooth device sitting near the boiler), so

Part of the installation process is to pair both the Gateway and ones device(ie my S9) - which I have done successfully.

The App asks for Location Services to be turned on, which it is via Advanced Privacy, but is set to a ‘Fake Location’ in another part of the Globe to my actual Location.

Does the Vaillant Server know the Location of my Wireless Router, and its confused, or is there some setting in Advanced Privacy, or Shelter that needs to be adjusted for my S9 to communicate with the Vaillant Gateway.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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I think that use-case + app combo is not widespread in this forum and asking the app creators to clarify is easier?

How is the appliance connected to the net, via wifi? then my wild guess is the phone App want’s to transfer wifi settings and thus internet access for the gateway and needs permissions to readout the wifi AP mac (BSSID)?

The manual says

If the product has no connection to the Internet, the product’s operating mode cannot be set using the app.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes it is a specific use case I must admit.

I did wonder if the app created a connection during its bluetooth pairing, and created an outgiong connection to Vaillants Server, as you say questions for the manufacturer.