Validate at

Hello I am using Netguard app and in advanced settings there is. Validate at is that a privacy issue
Should I change it to a different address ?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

It is used to check the internet connection. Your IP will be send to google, but that should be the only thing. I would still use another because I’m allergic to Google. I think it’s not a big privacy concern.

Edit: they may not send anything too google, just resolve from the DNS server. Maybe ask their support to be sure.


You may change your DNS…

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You can see what it does here It makes a socket connection with no data send, so no big deal, only your IP is known there.

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use TrackerControl. It’s the better Netguard, without this validation

[Off topic] What about a ‘howto use T.C.’ ? Easy to install but not to much ‘n00b friendly’, I think… [/Off]

I still believe this is an /e/ job. /e/ should offer a way to protect us against the evil Apps. A private DNS offered by /e/ would be the killer feature for me.


There’s ‘a lot’ of good DNS, /e/ staff already has got a ‘pretty’ amount of job.

By the way, a good step by step ‘howto’ for non-tech users, about DNS, VPN and general settings to improve /e/ privacy should be helpful !

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A good privacy concerned OS does not need how-to’s if you ask me. How cool would it be to have a no-google profile, with just 1 switch. /e/ could partner up with an existing DNS provider, to save man-power.

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??? It’s easier to use than any other tracker blocker

Thanks for replies, it seems that Validate at [] is not a privacy issue I’ll continue to use
netguard as I like the features it offers, and only my banking App has 1 tracker.

really ? I can’t believe. You only use FOSS apps from F-droid. Cool. although they also have trackers (‘good’ once).

You claim it’s better than Netguard. Can you tell me where TrackerControl is better at, compared to Netguard ? To me it looks like a different UI, but no difference in functionality. It’s lagging behind Netguard releases, which is an argument not to use this.

the latest version is from yesterday … and from netguard ??

TC is blocking more trackers because it has more hosts in his background. Sure, there are some same features because TC is on Netguard code. But TC’s dev is very active and using a lot of user feedback for next version.
In the moment he is trying to implement a VPN tunnel like Blokada have, because it’s a most requested feature from the users.

Feel free to come to the TC telegram group. There you will get the newest version or have a look on github. F-droid versions are always a little older.

Unless TrackerControl has forked completely and has wondered of going its own way, it will always be lagging behind Netguard. But I guess what you’re saying is, is that TC has forked from Netguard and has since then done its own thing.

TC is not blocking more hosts. When using a fresh install, it uses the same hosts file as a basis like Netguard does. The hosts file is something you can build yourself in both TC and Netguard, so you can pick whatever maintained list (Easylist, for example) or list you maintain yourself.

So to the point again: what features have been added which make you state that TC is better then Netguard?

it is.

It seems I can’t explain it to you. Sorry. So I think the best will be you will ask in TC telegram group.

I’ve installed and used both TC and Netguard. I could not find a clear distinction between TC and Netguard, at this point. You can block the same type of hosts using the same methods in both tools. Because they are basically (still) the same. They’re so similar that, at installation time, they even use the same default set of hosts to block. Which is a hosts file managed by the Netguard developer. So by default, they block the same hosts, unless you overrule their default hosts file.

Back to the point: can you name a feature that makes TC different or better compared to Netguard?

I’m out now. ask here

Fine. Point made: TC is not any better compared to Netguard (for now).

Just a small suggestion: please stop making claims you can’t provide any arguments for. It’s not a shame if you don’t know something, but it’s a mistake to pretend you do.

what is good and what is better is always a very personal, subjective view

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