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good day

I don’t know if this topic is in the right place… but…
I wander if in future there is swipe function for writing available.
I also can not add emojis in normal text messages… only in signal
it seems to have a lot of standard functions missing… is there anything planed to improve casual functions?

thank you!

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To add emoji in Message app long press on Enter :smile:

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you are amazing… thank you so much… you just made my life easier…
swipe text I suppose not there… yet…

Thank you for your enthusiastic response ! Swipe would require a different keyboard I think.

As I cannot remember clearly the one most mentioned in the forum (you could try a search) check out these:

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This is possible with AnySoftKeyboard. You have to look a bit in the app but you will find it as a ‘beta’ stage feature.

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Thank you Tyxo
I just installed your suggestion. What do you think about the warning at the beginning that says it can read what you write including Passwords etc…?

In Android, any keyboard is an App just like any other App (conceptionally).
Out of safety considerations you are being warned that the App you installed sees what you are typing. In the case of a keyboard App this is the intention and can’t be avoided.
You would have to trust the maker of the keyboard App in question, or in case of Open Source you would have to trust the source code, or the Open Source community to check it.

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Since it does not sent the data any place, I am fine with that.

In my humble opinion, the best keyboard is Microsofts SwiftKey. It collects tons of data, but via root apps I denied its internet access, kill its trackers, limit all its app accessibilities via XPrivacyLua and use AppOpps to limit its nosyness. I feel pretty secure that way no data is leaked. And if something forgotten, there is always TrackerControl in the background.

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that sound if you have a phd in Math… this open source stuff seems to be made for only pros…
but thank you for this advice.

If SwiftKey has internet access, wouldn’t disabling its network access via its AppInfo (or other firewall) suffice? If it has no network access and denied unnecessary permissions wouldn’t everything else seems like overkill?

Just curious.

Probably yes. But better safe than sorry. There’s many stuff it collects and sometimes after an OTA you lose root and notice too late.

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