Vendor Security Patch Level on Samusung Galaxy S7

The Vendor security patch level on my Samsung Galaxy S7 is February 1, 2019, which Trust considers to be out of date. Does anyone know if there is a more recent patch available and if so how to install it?

Samsung supports their phones only for 2 years, so it’s probably the last vendor security update.

This assumption does not apply to the Galaxy S7 SM-G930F. Since 2019, Samsung has been releasing an update for the S7 “herolte” every three months on average - the last one in March 2020.

The last vendor security patch has the status March 1, 2020

Screenshots: Different displays in /e/ OS 7-nougart - /e/ OS -9-pie - LOS 17.1

Of course you can update it by flashing the current Baseband-/Bootloader firmware via Wind°ws Odin 3.14.4 or Linux/Mac Heimdall. The firmware is in a 4/5 part firmware file. Download the last available firmware version and extract this firmware file. Follow these instructions …

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Thanks @archje. Do you know which country I should select if my country (Canada) is not listed? The phone does work with my carrier.

Hej @deepee, let’s start with your current working baseband version.

Go to > About phone > Android version > Baseband version :: G930FXX ???

Let me know, please…

Hi @archje. For me it’s actually About phone > Baseband version, but what I get is G930FXXS8ETC4. Thanks!

In Germany the baseband firmware G930FXXS8ETC4 is the current version of March 2020.

If everything works for you, I see no reason to change anything.

But now I ask myself, how did the above mentioned data come about? Screenshots could be helpful to clarify the question.

Thanks @archje. Here is a screenshot showing both the baseband version and the vendor security patch level.


Samsung vendor policy is there :

Looks like Samsung Galaxy Sx are supported longer than other models but this is very random.